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3 Pack Kids Dot Art Activity Book

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  • 🎨 GROWS WITH YOUR KID'S SKILL LEVEL - From large stamp dabber creations to professional art, dot painting is a popular and super fun blotter based activity young kids can enjoy for years to come!

  • 🎨 SUPPLIES INCLUDED - 3 unique and fun dot art paint activity books - Color by Number, Color by Shapes, and Everyday Objects and Concepts. Great for speech therapy, phonics, and more. These coloring books are also included in our 13-piece set with markers.

  • 🎨 ENDLESS CREATIVITY AND COLOR - Paint on paper, do a dot pages, fabric, or canvas - combine with crayons, glitter, colored ink pads, metallic paint, or any drawing tool to take this sensory craft to the next level!

  • 🎨 NO MESS, NO STRESS - With a rainbow of nontoxic, water-based washable paints like ours, you won't have to worry about your little painters leaving a permanent personal touch behind on furniture, carpet, walls, or faces.

  • 🎨 THE PERFECT BEGINNER DOT ART SET - From preschool classroom to rainy day projects, therapy, or sharing between kids and adults. Make polka dots or teach the alphabet and more! Try 'em, love 'em, or your money back!
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