KEFF Creations Bacteria Science Kit


Bacteria Science Kit

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  • 🎨INCLUSIVE SCIENCE KIT: Our Pre-Poured Agar Bacteria Science Kit contains every component necessary for you- the junior scientist to start your science journey. This science kit for kids includes 9 pre-poured Agar plates, 20 Cotton swabs, pipette, 10 labels, marker, magnifying glass, filter paper, Liquid crystal strip thermometer, and 2 Sterile Dilution Tubes.
  • 🎨GREAT TO ENCOURAGE STEM ACTIVITY: This kit will surely enthusiast your young and older kids by using this science kit for kids. This kit is wonderful when wanting to delve into Microbiology. You will have a chance to see science being created to life.
  • 🎨SCIENCE FAIR CLASS PROJECT: If you are in search for the right science kit, your search is finally over. Our Pre-poured Agar Science Kit will engage your students, friends and siblings for a long time. This Agar Plate Kit is the perfect kit to create fun science memorize while learning, and observing some cool science facts. This makes a wonderful Science Fair Kit, Or Science Class Project for middle school elementary class or High school students.
  • 🎨ABUNDANT OF SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS- We have included an ample of science experiments that you the scientist girl or boy can have endless hours of fun, while learning some cool science concepts. Our easy to follow and step by step instruction manual will help you win your science fair competition. After completing our science manual book, you will no longer question where germs and bacteria are found and how they are created.
  • 🎨QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our ultimate goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We are sure that you will enjoy using our science bacteria kit for girls and boys. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our science agar plate kit, then we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.
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