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Canvases for Painting - 11x14 12 Pack Art Paint Canvas Panels Set Boards - 100% Cotton Primed Painting Supplies for Acrylic, Oil, Tempera & Watercolor Paint

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Board Game INCLUDES :


▪ Blank Game Board

▪ 52 Cards

▪ 6 Colored Markers

▪ 6 Card Clips

▪ 6 Game Pieces

▪ 4 Dices

▪ Spinner

▪ Sand Timer

▪ Blank Game Box

  • 12 VALUE PACK CANVAS PANELS : Create your masterpiece with this 11x14 inches paint canvas boards for painting that provide a smooth and durable surface. These are perfect for beginners and artists who want to keep their artwork in excellent condition over time.

  • HIGH QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTAL : These blank canvases for painting is made of 100% cotton and pre-primed with non-toxic, acid-free acrylic gesso that holds the paint well which preserves the natural tones of your artwork and stays vibrant through the years.

  • DURABLE PAINT CANVASES : that is made of sturdy board core that is warp-resistant and is stable in every dimension. It remains in place even when used with a lot of paint. No preparation is necessary, and you can start painting canvas right away.

  • ART SUPPLIES FOR ADULTS & KIDS : Works perfectly with acrylic, tempera, oil, watercolor, gouache, and pour paint. Express your creativity with these variety of sizes. Ideal for creative projects, school assignments, art classes, paint parties, home interior decor, and more.

  • THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT : Give the gift of artistic expression with painting supplies that will bring joy and creativity to your loved ones this holiday season. Create meaningful memories as you paint together using the painting supplies you gifted them.
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