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Make Your Own Board Game Set - DIY Blank Board Game Kit with Game Pieces, Blank Cards, Dice, Spinner, Pawns & More - Create Your Own Fun Family Board Games for Kids & Adults

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Board Game INCLUDES :


▪ Blank Game Board

▪ 52 Cards

▪ 6 Colored Markers

▪ 6 Card Clips

▪ 6 Game Pieces

▪ 4 Dices

▪ Spinner

▪ Sand Timer

▪ Blank Game Box

  • MAKE YOUR OWN BOARD GAME : and create your own rules. Enjoy designing the blank board, spinner and the blank playing cards to write on, Playing board games together allows families and friends to bond, strategize, compete, and have a good time.

  • GAME PIECES FOR BOARD GAMES : includes an 18”x18” blank game board, 1 game box, 52 pcs blank card, 3 blank dice, 1 standard dice, 1 game spinner, 1 sand timer, 6 card clips, 6 multicolored pawns & 6 colored permanent markers.

  • ARTISTIC AND IMAGINATIVE ACTVITY : Sketch and build your own board game, You can make a colorful and creative board game with the help of the 6 multicolored markers that are provided. Create a unique game for you and your family to enjoy.

  • ULTIMATE CREATION KIT : fun board games for kids and adults, makes the ideal game kit for all ages. A dice game, a spinners game, or any other classic game will bring lots of fun for game night, family reunion games, or any other occasion.

  • THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT : A unique gift for kids and adults that will bring out the best in their creativity. Everyone will be delighted to receive their very own set this holiday season. This also makes a fun family activity and a fun family game night.
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